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Work is effectively complete!

As described on our main roof project page, we still have smaller tasks to do, but most of the work has been completed, thanks to you, our generous supporters and donors.  It would be fitting, before showing you the pictures below, to throw out a word of special thanks to the following:  

  • US Department of the Interior's Save America's Treasures program, 
  • The Montana Congressional delegation, for their assistance
  • City of Livingston and Park County, for CTEP allocations
  • Montana Tourism and Infrastructure Investment Program
  • The Paul G. Allen Family Foundations
  • The Livingston Community Trust
  • The Montana Arts Council
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Bank of the Rockies
  • You, our dedicated foundation members and friends

Preparatory work included lead paint abatement, floor work with insulation in the attic, and colonnade supports.  Support reinforcements are installed, and the roof (now a favorite with cold pigeons) is in place.  

A few pictures appear below of what you have made possible as it progressed that give a sense of things.  

Lead paint abatement work
Lead paint work on the colonnade as a first step
Lead paint abatement work
Removal of water-damaged plaster sections 

Museum Director Diana Seider converses with the Diamond Construction team onsite in June.

insulation work
Opening the floor in the attic for insulation preliminary to primary work to follow.

Roof project sign
A little hard to read at web-photo resolution, but the roof project sign that greets people out front.  The credits are mostly as they appear above on this page, with the names of contractinf firms beneath.
Colonnade work lift
Opening the colonnade/portico in July to add structural supports.  

roof opening pry work
Trimming the new roof opening, late July.

crane and iron
Loading in reinforcement steel (safely tied in, and no, he's just signaling at the crane, not losing his balance).

Boom operation
Operating the lift
View from roof
The view from the roof cut

Loading Bocker lift
Loading roofing materials onto the Bocker lift
Rolls on roof
A roofer carries rolls to the cradle

East tearoff
East-side tear-off and particle board layering prior to felt paper sheeting.  

colonnade tearoff
Tear-off, boarding, and felt paper along the  colonnade, with scaffolding around the Martin's chimney before dismantling.  

Baggage room chimney disassembly
Disassembling the baggage-room chimney (west side above Miller Architects and the Gourmet Cellar).  

Attic light slit
A little sunlight through ceiling boards in a place that hasn't seen any in a good half-century or better.  

Debris truck
A truck collects the old shingles and debris.  

CMU beam support
A reconstructed beam support structure.  
roof workers backlit
Laying out sheeting.  
concrete cutting
Cutting concrete for the gutter drains.

You can still help, however...

If you would like more information on how you can support other ongoing maintenance and restoration tasks, please call executive director Laura McCarthy-Cota at (406) 222-2300 or e-mail us at the address below.




The Livingston Depot Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of residents of Livingston and surrounding, communities, and tourists to the Yellowstone area by (1) restoring, preserving and protecting the historic Northern Pacific depot, now a community cultural center--The Livingston Depot Center; (2) presenting and promoting the visual and performing arts, culture, history of the Yellowstone Region, and educational programs in the arts and humanities; and (3) promoting community involvement, tourism and economic development through the operation and use of the Livingston Depot Center

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